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Nvidia volta

NVIDIA’s Volta Architecture is the new driving force behind AI, fueling breakthroughs in every industry. The Nvidia Volta GPU architecture is the graphics technology set to follow the Pascal-based GTX 10-series of cards. Nvidia’s next-gen Volta GPU made its debut at GTC, though not in graphics card form.

Here’s what PC gamers need to know. Volta is the codename for a GPU microarchitecture developed by Nvidia as the successor to the Pascal microarchitecture and announced in March 2013. NVIDIA Volta y sus nm FinFET nos preparan para una nueva. Today at their annual GPU Technology Conference keynote, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the company’s first Volta GPU and .

Instea I’ve got specs for the first of Nvidia’s next-generation Volta architecture GPUs. If you were underwhelmed with Pascal and basically felt . Según las últimas filtraciones, las tarjetas gráficas con la arquitectura NVIDIA Volta, las GTX 20y 208 llegarían en otoño de 2017. NVIDIA’s president and CEO is set to take to the stage tomorrow morning at GTC 20to talk about the future of GPGPU computing. NVIDIA Volta reemplazará en un futuro a la actual plataforma “Pascal” en todo tipo de segmentos, desde supercomputadoras a dispositivos .

Nvidia presenta la GPU más potente jamás fabricada. Nvidia announced Volta, its latest high-end GPU, in an effort to stay ahead of the fast-moving hunger for processor power to run machine . Nvidia is making its graphics chips more specialized for deep learning. Nvidia unveils first Volta GPU accelerator for HPC and AI. More on Nvidia’s Xavier, next generation processor for self-driving cars.

At this year’s GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia’s premier conference for technical computing with graphic processors, the company . GTC Today at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, CEO Jensen Huang paraded a bunch of forthcoming gear – all . The company also announced its first Volta-based processor, the NVIDIA Tesla V1data center GPU, which brings extraordinary speed . Durante la pasa GTC, NVIDIA presento su chip con arquitectura Volta. Este será usado en la nueva tarjeta gráfica Tesla V100. In his keynote speech, Nvidia CEO and Founder Jensen Huang unveiled a new generation GPU architecture called Volta, the Volta-based .

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